Where in the world?

One of the most interesting aspects of taking part in a MOOC is the global dimension. The course participants can be based, in theory at least, anywhere in the world. As a student I have the option to select MOOC courses from institutions all over the world (not that every University in the world offers MOOCs – I wonder what proportion of them do?) – I could challenge myself to study a MOOC from an institution based on every continent!

EdX partners are listed from US, Australia, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Hong Kong, India, Sweden, Japan, Belgium, China, Germany, Scotland and Hong Kong and this is just one of many MOOC providers.

The MOOC I’m taking includes a world map which was used for an Introductory activity in Week one, and later on for Assignment 1. I’ve taken a screen shot of the ‘Introduce Yourself’ map here: There are 358 pins on it (so a small subset of the 3500 registered for the MOOC) but it still shows an interesting global spread. The map combines people under the nearest pin – so I’m part of the 72 people on Europe – but when I zoom in I can see I’m the only participant from my city. This is the reverse of most of my previous learning experiences where most other participants were in the same city or the same country. IntoMap