Feedback video on assignment 1

FeedbackVideoWk1I just watched a  feedback video that has been posted about assignment 1. It was presented by lecturer, Dr Anneke Zuiderwijk, she started by looking at the world map and says that currently there are approximately 3,500 participants in this course – so much higher than the numbers I estimated (though looking at the number of discussion posts I’d say there are in the hundreds for active users and many more lurkers/vicarious learners). She listed some of the cases that had been submitted in each category and I was pretty excited to see mine listed! Having read several other case studies I’d realised that mine was a more local small scale example and I feel I could have done better, so it felt good to have my contribution acknowledged!

The video is in the same style as those throughout the course, very professional and formal but it’s feels different to see, Dr Anneke Zuiderwijk, responding to the activities on the course, suddenly she has become a ‘real’ person to me, rather than a pre-recorded figure who could have nothing to do with the current proceedings.