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So Many MOOCs by mksmith23 CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

When I was considering  how to approach the assignment for the course Digital Education in a Global Context (DEGC) I was also independently considering undertaking a MOOC. MOOCs featured heavily in one of the weeks I was a blog lead for ‘the economics of digital education’ (see What do students think they are buying when they pay for their education? ).  We discussed MOOC participation in the comments of another post in the ‘economics of DE’ week. In my comment I admitted that I’d yet to take part in one  and other students then shared their MOOC experiences – which made me keen to get some first-hand experience.  I hoped this would help me to relate to what I was reading about MOOC’s in DEGC  (e.g. de Langen, F. and van den Bosch). I decided to combine both interests into the same assignment activity and started to take a MOOC and to write this Blog for my DEGC assignment submission.

I’ve now completed an edX MOOC on “Open Government” offered by the Delft University of Technology (DelftTU) which ran from the 14th of March to the 15th of April 2016.

Open Government | DelftX on edX | Course About Video

When I selected this MOOC, I thought the content would relate to areas we have been studying in Digital Citizenship. On completion of the MOOC, and review of the weeks’ Digital Citizenship blogging activity, and readings, I realised that whilst I found the MOOC interesting and relevant to DEGC more generally, the link to Digital Citizenship was not as clear as I’d anticipated

Completing  this MOOC has given me personal experience as a MOOC participant and the opportunity to experience teaching from an International University (this will be the first time I’ve studied with an institution outside Scotland). The written reflections I made in this blog during the MOOC give me an experience to compare and contrast with the literature I read for my assignment activity . I have written blog posts throughout undertaking this MOOC, making links (either at the time or later) between the process, teaching or content with references from our own course.  On reflection the main area of the DEGC course that this assignment addresses is Digital education and globalization.

I have written four overarching blog posts that I’d like to consider for assessment (these posts make up the word count), these are:

M is for Massive

O is for Open

O is also for Online

C is for Course

Please consider all the other posts as Appendixes.

de Langen, F. and van den Bosch, H. (2013). ‘Massive Open Online Courses: disruptive innovations or disturbing inventions?’, Open Learning, 28 (3): pp. 216-226.